This Pasadena Nail Salon Knows How to Keep Clients Happy

Do you live in the Pasadena area? Are you looking for a place that exudes warmth, friendliness, and general bonhomie? Do you wish to be worry free about hygiene? Then, this Pasadena Nail Salon is just the place for you.

This Pasadena Nail Salon offers a long list of services commonly asked for-and at reasonable prices. The salon and its technicians are licensed-no need to worry about that. The paperwork is prominently displayed on the wall and at the individual work stations.


We all know how critical hygiene is in a nail salon. Think about it. You are entrusting the care of your hands and feet to the technicians for an hour or so. You want to be sure that proper procedures are followed. This Pasadena Nail Salon will not disappoint in their adherence to hygienic procedures. Work tables and brushes are properly sanitized, and all equipment properly disinfected after use. Footbath liners are disposed each time. Fresh and clean towels are utilized for every client.

Comprehensive list of services


Time spent at this Pasadena Nail Salon makes you feel that well cared for.

Maintaining the nails

It is a fact that maintaining our nails and keeping them looking fresh and beautiful takes a lot of care. Maintenance is critical. This is why you need a salon that understands you and your nail preferences. You need to be able to trust the salon. This Pasadena Nail Salon has a good number of repeat clientele who are very satisfied with the services offered.

Common queries

As we said before, there are many things that could go wrong with nail care. This Pasadena Nail Salon has put together some important information for you. For more details, just ask one of the technicians at the salon.

What is a fungal infection? How is it different from a bacterial infection? Fungal infections are slow growing, localized, non-tender, and chronic infections. They do not spread through the body. Bacterial infections, on the other hand are fast growing, tender, acute, and capable of affecting more than one part of the body. Fungal infection is also referred to as onychomycosis, and is commonly seen in the separation of the nail from the nail bed. Keeping the area clean and dry is critical. Ask a technician at the Pasadena Nail Salon if you have the slightest suspicion of infection. A doctor visit might be recommended.

What is mold? Mold is far more serious than a fungal infection and results in a yellowish green, green, or greenish black stain. Chronic cases could witness separation of the nail plate and pus formation. It is most commonly seen with artificial nails, where there are high chances of moisture seeping in between the nail bed and the artificial nail. Ask your technician at this Pasadena Nail Salon for assistance if you suspect mold. The acrylic will need to be removed and the area disinfected.

Are acrylics safe? There is no need to worry about acrylics if they are applied properly. You can rest assured that this Pasadena Nail Salon is meticulous about how acrylic is applied.

I am having trouble with my nail enhancements. Can I remove them at home? This Pasadena Nail Salon strongly advises against removing nail enhancements at home. This is a detailed procedure that needs to be executed with care. Leave it to a technician at this Pasadena Nail Salon to do it for you.

Is this Pasadena Nail Salon the right place for you?

There is much that this Pasadena Nail Salon has to offer. The extensive range of services are executed with a smile and a great attitude. You feel pampered and in good hands, which just might convince you to become a regular customer at this Pasadena Nail Salon.

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