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Cancer patients have quite a lot of problems to contend with. Thinking about their condition as well as considering treatments that will work can drain a person's energy, and undergoing the treatments themselves can greatly weaken a person. Chemotherapy and radiation are the common treatments for cancer after the operation, just to make sure that all the cancer cells in the body have been completely eradicated. However, during these treatments, it is not only the cancer cells that are affected, but even the healthy cells as well. As a result, side effects occur, leaving the patient weak and exhausted afterward.

One of the most common side effects of these treatments include hairfall, but something that doesn't often get much attention is the effect they have on the skin. After all, for some people, skin care is the last thing that is on their mind when getting treatment for their cancer. Yet it should still be something that must be paid attention to. During such treatments, the skin loses its natural moisture, and people also tend to develop sensitive skin as a result. Cancer patients, as a result, have very unique needs when it comes to their skin as well, and they can't simply use just any available skin care product out there to treat their skin problems. The American Cancer Society's "Look Good, Feel Better" program helps to address these needs of cancer patients.

iS Clinical, as a skin care brand committed to real skin health and providing medical and scientific solutions to skin ailments, has made skin care for cancer patients its priority with its Cancer Care program and has even worked with the ACS on this matter. iS Clinical has numerous offerings in its product lines that are packed with botanical antioxidants, which all help is healing skin problems brought about by damage from free radicals.

Cancer patients can consult with their physicians for advice on iS Clinical's products as well as on skin care. There are even some spas out there that make use of the products in iS Clinical's Cancer Care program for its treatments, ensuring that cancer patients will be able to enjoy the benefits of iS Clinical's products and relaxing spa treatments to soothe their bodies.

Beauty and skin care are often thought of as something frivolous by some people, but not many realize that this is imperative for a person's overall well-being. iS Clinical proves that beauty, skin health, and overall health do go hand in hand.

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