diagnosis and handling of uterus neck cancer

uterus neck cancer is one of the cancer disease that affects women specifically, a disease known as serviks this term was ranked first among the 10 types of cancer suffered by women. uterus neck cancer originating from malignant tumor in the uterus serviks, the reproductive organs in women, which is the entrance to the womb. cancer, among others, caused by the distance of time that is too close to pregnancy, smoking, drug usage, and changes in the neck of the womb. some of this year, triggered the cancer serviks infection by human papilloma virus (HPV). serviks recognize symptoms of a preventive action early. for the early stages, clinical signs are not clear, so that should be done in a medical examination. serviks cancer diagnosis consists of three stages, namely pap smear test, and waginascopy Biopsy. prevention now can be done through the latest injection of vaccine. cancer vaccine serviks work to improve the body's immune protection from infection or before infection HPV that can cause cancer serviks. using a combination of west-east, modern Guangzhou hospital to help improve the quality of life by giving the patient a treatment effective, safe, has minimal side effects, and maximum results.

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